Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.16

“My apologies for putting you on hold Ms. Verharghe…?”

“Mrs. …..Mrs. Verharghe” She replied.

“Mrs.….I apologize. Taking a look at your files, our records show we had a consultant visit last month and another member of our team has already rebooted your x-14D in the past 2 weeks….also…..”

“Sir, I must interrupt. Do you understand the exact nature of my complaint?” Asked Mrs. Verharghe.

“Yes, we have it listed under language glitch, when the x-14D is in Teaching mode and…”

“I will stop you right there. I have been through this too many times. This damned robot is purposefully making my 2-year-old child use obscene language. It is the same thing over and over.”

“Ms. Verhaeghe”


“Mrs. Mrs. Yes, I am very sorry, it’s just that we do not call them robots they are…..”

“I don’t care. Listen to me. Enough of this gobbledey gook. It insists on having my child swear. Insists on repeatedly using the words Fox, Frog and sit. Repeatedly.”

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