Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.22

I paused.  Looked up and stared at her ancient eyes. “I’m sorry. I…. I just don’t understand……. don’t understand what you are saying? I’m confused. I…. “

She put her finger up and placed it on my lips.

“Please, wait let me, summarize…. generalize for you. There are tales. That we wholly recognize are true, even if we have not heard them before, we comprehend them naturally. Inwards.

A common certainty inscribed into our beings. Into our very depths. We observe these stories, we perceive these stories, we identify these stories…

These stories are profound, thoughtful, philosophical.

Though we do not know who is telling us these universal truths. Who is communicating, who is speaking, who is murmuring, mumbling, crooning.

Who is the Whisperer?”