Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.7

“Okay Okay Okay.”

“I cannot believe I’m going to say this, haven’t said this since I taught Grade 4D students but …settle down class.”  said Professor Novakovic, with a laugh. He not so secretly loved the organized chaos that was his lectures.

“You should all be ashamed and embarrassed.”

“Yes, looking at you Iceland, all four of 4 of you.” he pointed to the upper left screen.

“Dexter!!…Not you Alabama, Dexter from Samoa…your lips are moving but I can’t hear you. Check your signals.  But hold on, that is actually for the best. Now it’s my turn to actually do my job and speak”

“I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, that could have gone worse.  So…. all great ideas, great detail and a lot of you have made very good historically correct points that, yes, all led to the civil war of 2084, but the question was tricky and worded to confuse, it’s what I do, why you love me.”

“I was looking for the initial spark.  So, I present to you this theory.  Historians have discovered and spotlighted the following. Are we ready? I’ve muted you, so nod if you’re ready, ok good “

“Let me get this report on the vapour view……here we go…. Samoa Dexter you have visuals? Good.”

“A proposed, motion, proposed mind you, never came to fruition, but the backlash was still intense, Scholars show this was the initial domino to fall…. This proposed motion was brought forward in the smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island. Current population only 2.5 million.”

“Entitled, Advanced Safe Driving, I will ignore the legal mumbo jumbo and get to the meat. This was after the self-driving car scandals of the late 2030’s early 40s.”

“A ban of driving your vehicle while you have a cold due to the potential of a sneeze and the corresponding closing of the driver’s eyes. That is what did it. Learn this word people…you will see it again and again…. overreach”