Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.12

“What are you saying?” She was panicked…I didn’t introduce this correctly.

“Lauren, I’m saying, I, me, the person, not the new mech-me. I am strong, I’ve figured it out. I won’t let it beat me.” I was pacing, I shook my right hand in the air, I think my lip snarled.

“Sam Sam Sam, you can’t do this to me dropping these….these…. these bombs”

“Not real bombs” I joked. I raised my mech left hand as I showed her my extended pinky and released my empty cyber bomb shells from the tip catching it with my right hand.

“Are you kidding me with this?” She said.

“Physical comedy? What, I’m kidding they were empty shells, c’mon?”

I took a deep breath

“Look. …………All I’m saying is I will not let it take over. I will take over the machine. How do I put this?…..We were trained, moved to believe that they were going to take over that we would become them. It was just assumed, expected, we never had a choice.”

“From the very beginning. How will machines change us…I never believed it. Never did. I have too much faith in humanity, too much faith in me…too much faith in you!  Even if right now this is the first you’ve heard of it and I’m truly sorry I’ve kept this inside.  It’s just that all of the courses and therapy you were going through to prepare for the “new” me.  Look, inside here” I poked at my chest. I winced when the metal clank echoed in the room.

“Inside, I truly understand. I’m going to beat it. It’s not going to change me, I’m going to change it.”

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.11

My name is Gerald Etherington the 3rd, Esquire, Online Attorney. Have you ever been harassed whilst enjoying and partaking in an online competition? Shot in a first-person shooter game?

Made to lose:

  • opportunities
  • lives
  • progress/checkpoints
  • coins
  • points
  • and most precious of all, time?

Well, we here at Etherington, Etherington and Etherington feel we can help.