Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.17

I have the shot. It is clear and I’m frozen.  Can’t pull the trigger. Can’t hear anything but gunfire from the rest of the squad. Stressed, my imagination takes over…..I see…. I imagine them all, eyes on me, hands extended towards me, desperately mouthing the words…. “take the shot.”   All of this is in slow motion of course. Black and white. Odd artistic choice.

Frozen and I think of taking a piss. I think about my shy bladder syndrome. That would be a great name for a neo punk band.

To deal with shy bladder syndrome at a urinal, surrounded by others, I found an out. I stared at the bathroom tile walls directly in front of me. Using 2 square tiles and their defined edges, I created a mental countdown. A Digital clock.  5  4   3   2   1………….

I took the shot.

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