Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.10

The man admired the view from the westward window, stared back at the empty boardroom with the grand table, looked down and glanced at his pocket watch. 11:55am. The Squirrels were known for doing this this when they were distressed. First, the last-minute rescheduling of the meeting. They moved it from 10:30 to 11:30. Secondly, the delays. The Squirrels recognize that all employees and representatives of Wellington, Wellington & Castillo Human Liaison Agency (WWC HLA) always arrive 15 minutes early to all meetings.

The man did arrive at 11:15 and was left alone in the waiting room with oddly suspect older magazines that might have been found in forests and creeks considering the mess found intertwined between pages.

He was guided to the vacant meeting room at 11:45. In past summits, there were always raw acorns for the Squirrels and some peanuts for Humans. Not today. Acorns only. The man grinned when he observed it. Hoping the security cameras would catch it.

Everyone at WWC HLA knew the Squirrels were dismayed with the Agencies very fruitful new dealings with the Raccoons. Even the very flamboyant and litigious Squirrels understood contracts negotiated in good faith. For a better annual rate, the Squirrels voluntarily removed the non-compete clauses for a number of different species.

The man wondered exactly what was the purpose of this meeting was. Then they walked in. They brought the Flying Squirrels in. They actually did it.