Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.9

He winced as “it(?)” began to communicate.

……………You behold upon the otherworldly actuality, the constructor of the altogether. I am mutually amid and flow through the boundaries. I am the dignitary both paternal and maternal. The senses of all that is. All perception all consciousness. Dominant and final. The actuality and the unknown, the reaction and the action.

I am exclusive and external. I am awake and lifeless.  I am bliss and abyss. I am the particles, I am your lungful your lifecycle your upcoming your previous. All wholly thanks to myself……………

Jackson ignored the ringing in his ears and the knife-like pain in the base of his neck. He spit to his left.

“Yea, I heard” he said as he pulled the pin on the HyperGrenade.