Scenes From Unwritten Novels 2.1

In the past, history, storytelling, chronicling was oral, spoken, verbalized for 99% of humanities time here in this realm. Linguistics is a spell

Spell casting works especially via this route.

You get a touch of it through modern means of advertising, and marketing but this is controlled opposition.

True spells work stronger in the personal day to day. In the micro, not the macro.

Govern-ment,  Latin for govern your mind

To start your day, you are “A wake in the mourning.”

Hell-o you greet your family and friends.

To support yourself you go to your “Job” (Hebrew for condemned).

You do this to pay your “mortgage – which translates to death contract.

Undertaking to “urn” a living.

You trade your urning for “Possess-ions.”

To rest from the work, you celebrate your “weak end.”

A coincidence you might say. Yes a co-incident. An incident that was linked together, quantum entanglement- synchronicity.

Your mind is mined


Corporation – Corpus-ration.

Masses- do not describe people as cancer

I have not yet solved why water matters most to those who yield the power and crave control.

Revenue “stream.”

Banks, banks of a river

Liquid assets, Frozen assets

When you are in debt you are “underwater” but if you work hard enough you can keep your head up above water.

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