Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.10

The man admired the view from the westward window, stared back at the empty boardroom with the grand table,  looked down and glanced at his pocket watch. 11:55am. The Squirrels were known for doing this this when they were distressed. First, the last-minute rescheduling of the meeting. They moved it from 10:30 to 11:30. Secondly, the delays. The Squirrels recognize that all employees and representatives of Wellington, Wellington & Castillo Human Liaison Agency (WWC HLA) always always arrive 15 minutes early to all meetings.

The man did arrive at 11:15 and was left alone in the waiting room with oddly suspect older magazines that might have been found in forests and creeks considering the mess found intertwined between pages.

He was guided to the vacant meeting room at 11:45. In past summits, there were always raw acorns for the Squirrels and some peanuts for Humans. Not today. Acorns only. The man grinned when he observed it. Hoping the security cameras would catch it.

Everyone at WWC HLA knew the Squirrels were dismayed with the Agencies very fruitful new dealings with the Raccoons. Even the very flamboyant and litigious Squirrels understood contracts negotiated in good faith. For a better annual rate, the Squirrels voluntarily removed the non-compete clauses for a number of different species.

The man wondered exactly what was the purpose of this meeting was. Then they walked in. They brought the Flying Squirrels in. They actually did it.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.9

He winced as “it(?)” began to communicate.

……………You behold upon the otherworldly actuality, the constructor of the altogether. I am mutually amid and flow through the boundaries. I am the dignitary both paternal and maternal. The senses of all that is. All perception all consciousness. Dominant and final. The actuality and the unknown, the reaction and the action.

I am exclusive and external. I am awake and lifeless.  I am bliss and abyss. I am the particles, I am your lungful your lifecycle your upcoming your previous. All wholly thanks to myself……………

Jackson ignored the ringing in his ears and the knife like pain in his skull. He spit to his left.

“Yea, I heard” he said as he pulled the pin on the HyperGrenade.


Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.8

Men of the sea are the ones who spoke of him most. The stories have been handed down from father to son for generations…the giant, the man who appeared from the deep or descends into the oceans…whose stride is 10 times a normal man, the colossus who walks the equator, the giant man who spins the earth.

Countless believe him to be the Wandering Jew or one of the three Nephites, but these folklores are still trapped in our contemporary “anno domini.”

From the east, some scholars say he was the inspiration for the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang quest for immortality.

Traditional stories declare him to be Atlas and the legends were erroneous. He did not bear the weight of the heavens, he just held the curse of its continuous survival with each step.

Yet, today’s story is not to re-tell the happenings of times past. The tale that wants to be expressed is the day the Giant stopped his long and unending march and turned south.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.7

“Okay Okay Okay.”

“I cannot believe I’m going to say this,  haven’t said this since I taught Grade 4D students but …settle down class.”  said Professor Novakovic, with a laugh. He not so secretly loved the organized chaos that was his lectures.

“You should all be ashamed and embarrassed.”

“Yes, looking at you Iceland, all four of 4 of you.” he pointed to the upper left screen.

“Dexter!!…Not you Alabama, Dexter from Samoa…you’re lips are moving but I can’t hear you. Check your signals.  But hold on, that is actually for the best. Now it’s my turn to actually do my job and speak”

“I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, that could have gone worse.  So….all great ideas, great detail and a lot of you have made very good historically correct points that, yes, all led to the civil war of 2084, but the question was tricky and worded to confuse, It’s what I do, why you love me.”

“I was looking for the initial spark.  So, I present to you this theory.  Historians have discovered and spotlighted the following. Are we ready? I’ve muted you, so nod if you’re ready, ok good“

“Let me get this report on the vapour view……here we go….Samoa Dexter you have visuals? Good.”

“A proposed, motion, proposed mind you, never came to fruition, but the backlash was still intense, Scholars show this was the initial domino to fall….This proposed motion was brought forward in the smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island. Current population only 2.5 million.”

“Entitled, Advanced Safe Driving, I will ignore the legal mumbo jumbo and get to the meat. This was after the self-driving car scandasl of the late 2030’s early 40s.”

“A ban of driving your vehicle while you have a cold due to the potential of a sneeze and the corresponding closing of the driver’s eyes. That is what did it. Learn this word people…you will see it again and again….overreach”

Ⓒ 2017 Giuseppe Morgante. All Rights Reserved.

Children’s Story: The Elbow

At approximately 12:05 in the AM, 8 year old Edward woke up to a sound coming from the general vicinity of his right elbow.

The sound went something like this MMMRROOEEEREW!

Edward turned his head opened his right eye and looked to his right and thought nothing of it.

At approximately 12:47 in the AM, Edward woke up to a sound coming from the general vicinity of his right elbow.

The sound went something like this MMMRROOEEEREW!

Edward turned his head opened both eyes and looked to his right, paused and thought nothing of it.

At approximately 1:20 in the AM, Edward woke up to a sound coming from the general vicinity of his right elbow.

The sound went something like this MMMRROOEEEREW!

Edward turned his head opened both eyes and looked to his right, took his right arm from under the sheets and stared at his elbow.  “What am I doing?” He thought to himself, a little embarrassed and he went back to sleep.

At approximately 1:45  in the AM, Edward woke up to a sound coming from the general vicinity of his right elbow.

The sound went something like this MMMRROOEEEREW!

Edward turned his head opened both eyes and looked to his right, took his right arm from under the sheets and stared at his elbow actually looking for some kind of audio noise making device or a mouth……”Stop stop stop” Edward thought to himself and quietly pleaded with his elbow. “I must be dreaming.”  He went back to sleep.

At approximately 2:05 in the AM, Edward woke up to a sound coming from the general vicinity of his right elbow.

The sound went something like this MMMRROOEEEREW!

Edward turned his head opened both eyes and looked to his right, took his right arm from under the sheets and stared at his elbow and started smashing it down on the bed, loudly demanding “WILL YOU PLEASE STOP MAKING THOSE NOISES, I MUST GET TO SLEEP!!!!”

“OWWW, what was that?” said Edward’s Father, who he now recalled had tucked him in to bed that night and was reading to him. Edward’s Father who cannot finish 3 pages of any book before he goes to sleep himself.

“Um, nothing Dad, you must be dreaming.” Edward said.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.6

The council reconvened after the break. The video from my len-senses was to be displayed.  This was Thomas’ final moments.  Most of the Major’s family stayed. His daughter and her husband left.  The video for the first 4 minutes was damaged.  When the technology repurposed itself the images were not gruesome as some expected.  Though the wheezing from a punctured lung was obvious when he started to express what was eventually our final conversation.

“D-don’t, Second Lieutenant” he said.

“Don’t what Major?”

“Don’t say it, What were you just about to say. I don’t want it to be cliché, like an overdone death scene from a bad vid-net flick.”

“Major, I don’t understand?”

“Second Lieutenant, Mandy, Mandy Avari….I’m bleeding out, suits damaged, air filter damaged, Alpha battalion will not get here in time for me. You and I both can see our vitals off our contact len-senses. I’m at peace. That thing, whatever it is, or was, we hurt it, killed it. Quite proud of you really. It toppled down that Canyon, you’re going to be fine but me….”

“Major, stop it please just …”

“Ah, ah, ah, no no no, you were about to say it? Something like <just hold on.> No, badly written death scene lines.  I need something real from you Mandy.”

“What? What do you need Major?”

“Mandy, you’re crying on your face mask, it will affect your visibility. I need the truth.”

“You need to conserve your air is what you need.”

“No, I need to know one thing. You’re true given first name? Come on now. Indian girl, Sikh, Mandy is short for something, is it one of the bad ones?”


“Got you smiling….”Which one is it please, some truth …..Manmeet or Mandeep?”

“Oh my God really?”

“Yes really I must know”

“It’s Manmeet.”

“Ha, did you get hassled? Must have got hassled when you were younger?”

“Yes I got hassled”

“I would love to have hassled you Mandy Avari, I’m actually trying to impress you a little with my knowledge.”

“Colour me impressed Major Tom.”

“Ha. I actually read your file. I knew the name. Just wanted you to say it.”

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.5

“Dad, can I come in?”

“Don’t know, can you?”

“Please Dad, May I please come in please?”

“That is from the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. I believe?”


“Augustine, what do the readings say? What year you in?”

“I don’t know, I think I’m fine.”

“Reading’s here say 03250.”

“If you knew why’d you ask?”

“Parenting.  Fix the settings and I’ll let you in. Were you visiting Uncle Ignatius?”

“Yes, he says Hi. I’m telling Mom, by the way.”

“She is currently shopping in Paris. Circa 01994. Don’t think I will let her in when she gets here either.”

“The settings fixed. ”

“Bio-Dome up Gus and please clean your pterodactyl before you come in.”


Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.4

I rushed over to see Yana being loud with Mnoa while other students gawked.

“You are liar, Mnoa” she said strongly, pointing at him…..Mnoa stood with his arms crossed. I noticed his claws beginning to raise.

Yana was angry, her neck fur lifted through the small divots in her breathing apparatus. I hated when that happened, we all did. We were supposed to get version 76 that corrected this weakness but they were already 20 moons late.

Yana, breathed in and tried to compose herself. “My clan say these are lies, that fundamentalists, like you Mnoa, are spreading about the humans. So they can still keep them as slaves. Justify their status, keep them down, like your clan has done for decades, Mnoa.”

“What lies?” I asked.

“Mnoa, says the humans used to kill their own babies inside the bellies of the Matties.”

“I’ve seen the pictures and the words, it’s true.” He said.

“You lie.”

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.3

Hendrix leapt out of his chair, pointing outside of our suffocating fishbowl-like cubicle to the stands to his right. “Where is she going, the older female?” Everyone in the section turned towards the poor lady leaving our hastily made auditorium.

One of his lawyers held on to him like he was a child.

“It’s probably a pee break. Don’t they have those in the future?” I asked with my sarcasm metre at a 10 out of 10.

“No, yes, yes, of course I understand. Actually, it’s better this way, the chaos of it all. Harder for them to erase this. Let’s review the recording devices in detail again please?”

“No, Hendrix, let’s not. We’ve been over these 20 times plus. I’ve put together everything you wanted, the 48 random witnesses.  I’m not in the mood, I’m tired.” I paused for a second.

“Damn it…….fine….fine…… here, let’s go………15 audio tapings, different tech for each, ok?  13 videos all different tech. The witnesses, the dictation in 24 languages….”

“I wanted more then 30 languages.”

“Please stop and answer my question, which you are doing your very best to avoid……anyway pee lady is back already, I don’t think she washed her hands.”

“<Mic is live to the audience Captain>” the voice in my ear piece squawked.

I waved a half-hearted apology in her general direction, counted to 5 and turned to Hendrix as he was commiserating with his other lawyer and turned to me with that grin.  “No need to be unpleasant…where were we, may I ask for a review?”

I made sure to glare at his lawyers this time, in hopes that they could passive aggressively organize their client.

“Today?…what….?” I skimmed the notes, “you exposed,  20th century celebrities who are in your words…what? …..unlicensed and/or Time Machine Thieves.  You named pop singers, reality stars and 1 hit wonder rappers in a scary amount of intimate and useless detail and in my on the record opinion, you are overly obsessed.  Now! Are you still doing your best to avoid the last question?”

“What question?”

“I asked if you enjoyed the killings?” Again he went to the lawyers.

“Why does this matter? Also, they were not killings, they were judgements made real.”

“I …..we want to know your mindset going into these excursions, you are being analyzed, evaluated and..”

“I will remind you again” he interrupted,” I was fully deputized and these were legal punishments judged by the temporal council. This was …. ”

“The actual act, did you enjoy it?”

“Only one. Just one. It must be stated we all wanted him dead, I got to him first.”


“Charles Dickens!”

“Charles Dickens was a Time Thief?”

“Oh, yes,  Old Chuck. He hated that name, pushed us to the edge with this Ghost of Christmas past, present and future business. Mocking us. I want this to be stressed, I felt that was a personal affront to me and my profession. It was dishonorable. … …killing him in the middle of writing that novel, though, that was splendid.  Poetic really. You have no idea as you’ve never read the ending. The Mystery of Edwin Drood, oh, It’s amazing, that ending. He stole the whole package from the 27th century, I read the original Mandarin version, quite good.”