Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.22

I paused.  Looked up and stared at her old eyes. “I’m sorry. I….I just don’t understand…….. don’t understand what you are saying? I’m confused. I….“

She put her finger up and placed it on my lips.

“Please, wait let me,  summarize…. generalize for you. There are tales. That we wholly recognize are true, even if we have not heard them before, we comprehend them naturally. Inwards.

A common certainty inscribed into our beings. Into our very depths. We observe these stories, we perceive these stories, we identify these stories…

These stories are profound, thoughtful, philosophical.

Though we do not know who is telling us these universal truths. Who is communicating, who is speaking, who is murmuring, mumbling, crooning.

Who is the Whisperer?”

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Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.21

Our rambling/pursuing apparatus had directed us right into a brash and gaudy and most assuredly unlicensed demonstration.

Youths outfitted garishly in 20th century garb equipped with placards and unofficial melodies that most likely had not been approved of. This collection this mob broke 7, possibly 8 audial laws with the lurid dins emanating from their facial apertures.

They have seemingly arrived from the slums of the suburbs to the city centre.

I protected my offspring, who I noticed lost in their own panic, pleading with me to explain this emotional upsurge.

“Maternal Figure, Maternal Figure, who are they?” cried the child. The poor specimen was only 21 and had never dealt with such shock.

I covered the offspring’s ears and tried to turn from one place to another but the disturbance engulfed us and we were swept towards the Peoples Hall.

My hopes raised as I noticed a phalanx of the Peoples Heroes approaching our way. The Peace/Safety/Tax Donation Couriers (PSTDCs) defended the Peoples Hall and might very well help us.

At that moment we were victimized as the rioters shrieked unpleasant words and sentences in the direction of the PSTDPs…..the hate speech, the rough century old mannish sentiment was palpable and I shivered.

“Go suck your mothers dick” they screamed.

“Hey hey what do you say…..have you taken your puberty blockers today?” They repeated

“Time to drive your wife’s boyfriend to work.”

It seemed to never end.

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Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.20

Shaken from that vocal burst we all turned and gawked at its intended target.

Josephus had his feet balanced on the bureau in front of him. He stared back at the Major with a smirk. The left side of his sneer was curled and the upper left of his face had a seamless wave of wrinkles to them.

He stood up, stretched his shirt down and readjusted his bomber jacket over his shoulders and raised his cap so you could clearly see his eyes.

“Well Major, I feel we have some form of communication issue. It seems, and please, I don’t mean to be audacious, that you, maybe have, overlooked my present standing?”

“Ha, you’ve embarrassed yourself and your legacy to become GD garbage Merc? Oh no, I will never forget that. I can’t.” the Major replied while looking down and shuffling his files on his desk.

Josephus sarcastically clutched his chest. “Stinging words sir. I’m a business owner, Entrée-PREN- URR” Josephus stretched that last word, alongside a terrible French accent.

He walked up to the Major and stuck a digit in his face.

“Every time there is an issue that you can’t deal with, I get the call. It is my head on the line when we venture into the big beautiful black for you. You want me to be accountable for my men and yours.”

“Major, you keep telling me I’m number one, but you’re using the wrong finger, baby.”

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Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.19

Can we get this briefing going?  Yes?  So, shut up, sit down and listen.

Thank you. Here we go.  No need for taking notes.  All info is summarized in the files in front of you. Soft copies will also be sent out after this “soiree” we got going here is done.

Boys, and lady. This is big money maniac time. The one we have been waiting for.  Our research team is very confident about the location and reality of this lead.  Score of a lifetime. Can I use more clichés. Yes I can.

So, I got some hard ass Indian words that I’m about to read and pronounce. This is Indian (red dot, not feathers) so your patience is not only appreciated, but expected.

In a nutshell a few hundred years back the Hindu King Sri Krishnadevaraya donated in his lifetime 423 diamonds, 30,000 gold coins and 2800 garnets to Lord Sri Venkateshwara in Tirupati. This has been missing or mishandled.  Where is this treasure? We think we know.  Buried in the northwestern Indian Ocean.

An Indian Government’s archaeology agency that went into the matter of these gifts made by King Sri Krishnadevaraya to Lord Sri Venkateswara at Tirumala has concluded that the present jewellery in the custody of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, this point forward referenced as TTD, did not, I repeat, DID NOT match with those reportedly made by the Vijayanagara Emperor as per the inscriptional evidence.  AKA Fakes.

As per the previously mentioned inscriptions, Sri Krishnadevaraya, a devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara, visits the shrine for seven times during his lifetime, he’s hardcore,  he made a range of offerings to this Lord during each visit.

Here’s the juicy part.  Totals of goods targeted are as follows: The Emperor had presented one Ratna Kireetam, studded with precious stones such as garnets (2822), emeralds (160), diamonds (423), rubies (3), sapphires (10), cat eyes (1), agate (1) and pearls (1,339) during his first visit on October 02, 1513. In all, its total weight is recorded at 3,308 tunkhas (each tunkha is equal to 2.5 grams).

Second visit, February 05, 1513, he presented ‘vidudhara’ (a gold ornament), three pairs of bhujakeerthis, three swords with sheaths, I got dibs on that, called, stampsies no call backs,  two sheaths with tassels, a pendent, two pairs of addigalapeta with a gold chain and a kireetam (crown).

Third visit, June 13, 1513, he offered nine kinds of precious stones. Sri Krishnadevaraya performed a ‘Kanakabhishekam’ for the Lord with 30,000 gold coins (varahalu) during his fourth visit on June 7, 1514. One ‘thrisaram’ (three-stringed ornament), a pair of kadiyams were donated along with the gold coins during the visit.

A copper statue of Sri Krishnadevaraya along with his consorts Tirumala Devi and Chinnadevi in the form of paying obeisance to the Lord was presented during his sixth visit on October 16, 1518. A ‘peetambaram’ studded with nine kinds of precious stones, was donated in his last visit on February 2, 1521. The description of each antique with the kind of metal and the stones used is detailed in the report on your desk.

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Royal Wedding

This will be my final and only statement on this subject:

Due to many unforeseen changes in my schedule, I regret to announce that I cannot attend the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Despite many “media” rumours, my relationship with the Royal Family remains as always, strong and full of respect.

I congratulate and wish continued happiness, love and good fortune to the young couple.

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Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.18

Ah. It has just dawned on you. Your existing reality.

You taste it?

That tart, bitter metallic…copper entity on the tip of your tongue?

That’s the taste of defeat.

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Lullaby for Luca

A Lullaby created 17 years ago or a few days after he was born. This has now become something of a rap.

I know a boy whose name is Luca

He’s one big, bubbly palooka

Likes to chew gum, what kind? Bazooka

Flies through the air like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

Likes to get drunk on Sambuca

He’s my big bad Mother- Foooka

Ⓒ 2018 Giuseppe Morgante. All Rights Reserved.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.17

I have the shot. It is clear and I’m frozen.  Can’t pull the trigger. Can’t hear anything but gunfire from the rest of the squad. Stressed, my imagination takes over…..I see…. I imagine them all, eyes on me,  hands extended towards me, desperately mouthing the words…. “take the shot.”   All of this is in slow motion of course. Black and white. Odd artistic choice.

Frozen and I think of taking a piss. I think about my shy bladder syndrome. That would be a great name for a neo punk band.

To deal with shy bladder syndrome at a urinal, surrounded by others, I found an out. I stared at the bathroom tile walls directly in front of me. Using 2 square tiles and their defined edges, I created a mental countdown. A Digital clock.  5  4   3   2   1………….

I took the shot.

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Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.16

“My apologies for putting you on hold Ms. Verharghe…?”

“Mrs. …..Mrs. Verharghe” She replied.

“Mrs.….I apologize. Taking a look at your files, our records show we had a consultant visit last month and another member of our team has already rebooted your x-14D in the past 2 weeks….also…..”

“Sir, I must interrupt. Do you understand the exact nature of my complaint?” Asked Mrs. Verharghe.

“Yes, we have it listed under language glitch, when the x-14D is in Teaching mode and…”

“I will stop you right there. I have been through this too many times. This damned robot is purposefully making my 2-year-old child use obscene language. It is the same thing over and over.”

“Ms. Verhaeghe”


“Mrs. Mrs. Yes, I am very sorry, it’s just that we do not call them robots they are…..”

“I don’t care. Listen to me. Enough of this gobbledey gook. It insists on having my child swear. Insists on repeatedly using the words Fox, Frog and sit. Repeatedly.”

Ⓒ 2018 Giuseppe Morgante. All Rights Reserved.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.15

He moved away from the standing table. Adjusted his translation microphone and began to speak.

“On my planet, in the northerly districts from the manors where I am from, we have a ritual.

On the sixth sun-cycle our progenies accept, what you would call…a pet…a tame animal.

They are accountable for its regular daily wants for a further two sun-cycles. At the precise date of the child’s eighth sun-cycle, a ceremony ensues. The child and the tamed animal, along side the child’s family and village elders enter a holy ground.

In that arena are armaments and a caged beast.

Individually, with each different child we substitute arms. Perchance an axe, poison, sword and even different creatures. Just so the child cannot prepare.

The child is then given a choice.

Euthanize the pet yourself. Or have the beast released and fight for yours and its life.”

“Why are you telling us this?” asked Petr.

“I want you to recognise who you are speaking with. For when it was my day, I asked for the beast. While the cage lifted. I tore into my pet with the dagger offered. Threw its carcass to the side diverting the beast. That is when I lunged for it and thrust the weapon in the back of its hulking neck.  So please, continue you with your negotiations.”

Ⓒ 2018 Giuseppe Morgante. All Rights Reserved.