Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.21

Our rambling/pursuing apparatus had directed us right into a brash and gaudy and most assuredly unlicensed demonstration.

Youths outfitted garishly in 20th century garb equipped with placards and unofficial melodies that most likely had not been approved of. This collection this mob broke 7, possibly 8 audial laws with the lurid dins emanating from their facial apertures.

They have seemingly arrived from the slums of the suburbs to the city centre.

I protected my offspring, who I noticed lost in their own panic, pleading with me to explain this emotional upsurge.

“Maternal Figure, Maternal Figure, who are they?” cried the child. The poor specimen was only 21 and had never dealt with such shock.

I covered the offspring’s ears and tried to turn from one place to another but the disturbance engulfed us and we were swept towards the Peoples Hall.

My hopes raised as I noticed a phalanx of the Peoples Heroes approaching our way. The Peace/Safety/Tax Donation Couriers (PSTDCs) defended the Peoples Hall and might very well help us.

At that moment we were victimized as the rioters shrieked unpleasant words and sentences in the direction of the PSTDPs…..the hate speech, the rough century old mannish sentiment was palpable and I shivered.

“Go suck your mothers d**k” they screamed.

“Hey hey what do you say…..have you taken your puberty blockers today?” They repeated

“Time to drive your wife’s boyfriend to work.”

It seemed to never end.

Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.20

Shaken from that vocal burst we all turned and gawked at its intended target.

Josephus had his feet balanced on the bureau in front of him. He stared back at the Major with a smirk. The left side of his sneer was curled and the upper left of his face had a seamless wave of wrinkles to them.

He stood up, stretched his shirt down and readjusted his bomber jacket over his shoulders and raised his cap so you could clearly see his eyes.

“Well Major, I feel we have some form of communication issue. It seems, and please, I don’t mean to be audacious, that you, maybe have, overlooked my present standing?”

“Ha, you’ve embarrassed yourself and your legacy to become GD garbage Merc? Oh no, I will never forget that. I can’t.” the Major replied, while looking down and shuffling his files on his desk and shaking his head.

Josephus sarcastically clutched his chest. “Stinging words sir. I’m a business owner, Entrée-PREN- URR” Josephus stretched that last word, alongside a terrible French accent.

He walked up to the Major and stuck a digit in his face.

“Every time there is an issue that you can’t deal with, I get the call. It is my head on the line when we venture into the big beautiful black for you. You want me to be accountable for my men and yours.”

“Major, you keep telling me I’m number one, but you’re using the wrong finger, baby.”