Scenes From Unwritten Novels 1.4

I rushed over to see Yana being loud with Mnoa while other students gawked.

“You are liar, Mnoa” she said strongly, pointing at him…..Mnoa stood with his arms crossed. I noticed his claws beginning to raise.

Yana was angry, her neck fur lifted through the small divots in her breathing apparatus. I hated when that happened, we all did. We were supposed to get version 76 that corrected this weakness but they were already 20 moons late.

Yana, breathed in and tried to compose herself. “My clan say these are lies, that fundamentalists, like you Mnoa, are spreading about the humans. So, they can still keep them as slaves. Justify their status, keep them down, like your clan has done for decades, Mnoa.”

“What lies?” I asked.

“Mnoa, says the humans used to kill their own babies inside the bellies of the Matties.”

“I’ve seen the pictures and the words, it’s true.” He said.

“You lie.”

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